Mad & Kaffe Frederiksberg


Tyrolsgade 6, 2300 København S


Sønder Blvd. 68, 1750 København V


Godthåbsvej 45, 2000 Frederiksberg

Opening hours:

Monday – Saturday:

8:30 am–9:00 pm


8:30 am–8:00 pm

Mad & Kaffe Frederiksberg is the 3rd café and located on the corner of Langelandsvej and Godthåbsvej. 

Here as well, great emphasis is placed on a casual, nice and cozy atmosphere and delicious food and cocktails. 

Brunch at Frederiksberg

With Mad & Kaffe Frederiksberg we have managed to create a cozy place for the local area and everyone at Frederiksberg.

The menu is the same and well known from the other 2 cafés and is based on good food, which is both tasty and well-prepared – and yet at a price where everyone can join. Besides delicious food, we also offer a great selection of cocktails. 

Different from the other places, the decor is however. The decor has its own distinctive character that characterizes Frederiksberg and is inspired by the daily life of this area.  

Great food with great people

The atmosphere at Mad & Kaffe Frederiksberg is unpretentious with many different types of people from all sides of the city who meet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and cocktails or just a coffee and a chat.

A cozy meeting place at Frederiksberg is created and we cherish that. 


You can now book for both brunch, lunch and dinner at all three locations