Our collaborators

We would like to deliver the highest quality in everything we serve in our cafes. That is why we have allied ourselves with some of the country's best bakers, coffee roasters, breweries, etc.

Andersen & Maillard

You can’t mention baked goods and croissants in Copenhagen without mentioning Andersen & Maillard. A bakery and café that insists on simple but good craftsmanship when they serve sourdough bread, cakes and coffee to the people of Copenhagen. These are qualities that we cherish very much at Mad & Kaffe, and we are therefore very happy that we can offer all our guests both bread and other baked goods from the popular bakery.


Founded by a fisherman and two chefs, the three zealots behind Fiskerikajen know what they are talking about when it comes to fish. The vision behind Fiskerikajen, which supplies fish and shellfish to the country’s restaurants, stems from a passion for the pure raw material and an uncompromising pursuit of the best quality. Something we at Mad & Kaffe attach great importance to, which is why our collaboration with Fiskerikajen is also of great importance to us. Follow their adventures and stay updated on all things good from the sea right here.

To øl

In 2005, Tore Gynther started brewing beer at home. That was the starting point for To Øl, which was founded in 2010 and which has since quenched the thirst of many beer-thirsty Danes. To Øl wants to do away with the old virtues, and therefore you can expect a youthful, balanced and fresh beer when you are served a beer brewed by To Øl at Mad & Kaffe. Keep up to date with the latest news from To Øl right here.

Otto Suenson

When it comes to knowledge about wine, Otto Suenson are absolute experts. They have existed and imported wine since 1880. Today they collaborate with more than 100 different producers around the world. They themselves say that once you have seen a vintner walking around tending to his vines, you know that there is a person working to create something special. We can only say the same about the sommeliers at Otto Suenson.

Copenhagen Coffee Lab

We know how important good coffee is. That is why we collaborate with Copenhagen Coffee Lab. A coffee roastery, founded in Copenhagen, with a great passion for good and quality coffee. Every day, Copenhagen Coffee Lab works to find the best coffee beans from around the world, so that you can have a completely unique coffee experience when you visit Mad & Kaffe. Curious about Copenhagen Coffee Lab? Give them a follow on Instagram, where they share their great knowledge about coffee on a daily basis.

Frankly Juice

Ecology, sustainability and honesty are some of the basic principles of Frankly Juice, which since 2014 has provided Danes with juice of the highest quality.

All the juice is produced from 2nd grade fruit and vegetables, which are cold-pressed at 2 degrees to preserve as much nutrition as possible. It also gives the best and most natural taste, which is why we are extremely proud that it is precisely Frankly Juice that we serve to all our juice-thirsty guests.