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App perks

The Mad & Kaffe app gives you exclusive benefits, as you continuously earn points, are updated on news and have easy access to table booking.
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Earn points

You can continuously earn points in the app, which give you various discounts on your next brunch, lunch, coffee, dinner or drinks. You can track your points savings in the app and see which discounts you can obtain.

Stamp card - buy 9 and get the 10th for free

If you love coffee and often stop by Mad & Kaffe for a hot cup of coffee, then you can use the Mad & Kaffe online stamp card, where every 10th coffee is free.

Table booking

We make it quick and easy for you to book a table at your favorite Mad & Kaffe restaurant, where you can keep an eye on available timeslots in our different locations. 

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Everything in one place

If you always end up losing receipts or forgetting your card, then with the Mad & Kaffe app you can keep everything together in one place. We store your receipts online, you can pay with your connected card in the restaurants, and you can view a map of your nearest restaurant and etc.

How to get the app

You download the app in the App store or Google Play, where you will be continuously guided through setting up your account. If you have questions about the app or how to use it in the restaurants, our friendly staff are ready to help you.