Mad & Kaffe Amagerbro, is our second café, located at Tyrolsgade 6.

It opened on May 10, 2016.

Mad & Kaffe Amagerbro is an original café – inspired by the fact that the people behind Mad & Kaffe have grown up in the area. It’s still the classic Mad & Kaffe experience, just in different surroundings, but with the same menu, the same good service and the same cozy atmosphere as in Vesterbro.

Here is room for everyone
Tyrolsgade is close to Amagerbrogade and is a central part of Amager. A cozy area that’s in very positive development with lots of young people, families and new restaurants. Here is room for everyone, young people, the elderly and families with children.

The story behind Mad & Kaffe at Amagerbro is interesting, in our opinion.

Mad & Kaffe at Vesterbro had a shortage of seats since summer 2015 and had developed into an overwhelming success in a very short period of time. We simply did not have room for all our guests.

Should we risk it all and open another cafe in Amagerbro? Yes, we should!

The atmosphere at Mad & Kaffe Amagerbro is unpretentious with many different types of people from all sides of the city, who meet for breakfast, lunch and dinner or just a coffee and a chat.

A cozy meeting place at Amagerbro is created, and we cherish that.

We look forward to seeing you at Tyrolsgade 6.